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The IMOS group s.r.o (Co. Ltd.) operates throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. The company has a long history of constructing water-treatment plants, ground-water tanks and water towers, waste-water-treatment plants, sewers, and water and gas mains. Other core activities include reconstructions and renovations of heritage sites, construction of residential houses, offices, hotels, civic amenities and community center buildings and industrial buildings as well as construction of roads, car and bus parking spaces as well as pedestrian pavements IMOS group also successfully performs large projects involving complete reconstructions and maintenance of large power plants and energy distribution hubs. It delivers and assembles heat distribution systems, installation of (solar) collectors and the laying of the necessary piping. The company expertise includes civil engineering water regulation projects on rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other fresh-water surfaces, e.g. weir, dam, river and channel regulation and other hydro-technical insulation and
water-proofing projects, earth-moving landscaping and terra-forming operations, building waste disposal sites, performing horizontal directional boring, and industrial waste material recycling and separation. Čerpací stanice IMOS group s.r.o.

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